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Comments from the shows so far!


"Enthralling..." - Tivoli
"Wow! The Bible comes alive..." - Jemimah
"Brilliant & moving! ..." - David
"Spectacular! Adored it! ..." - Karia
"...Your narration brought me again close to Jesus in a very special way..." - Esther
"... I will eagerly read Luke ASAP" - Anonymous

All the comments from past shows

Luke - St Augustine's Neutral Bay - 9:30 am, October 25, 2009

Excellent! Loved how I could tell which character you were at all times. Your use of voices and space was amazing.

What a fabulous way to bring Jesus to life & his message & his power.
I hope we can do this again outdoors & invite many with their picnics!

So moving + made alive.
Do you visit schools?

Bringing a great story to life in a simple straightforward enactment.
I was mesmerised.
You're a great storyteller.

Very refreshing seeing scripture dramatised.

Luke - St Stephens Lugarno - 7:30 pm, October 24, 2009

Thank you for coming tonight
you are good!

Great show! Very vivid & captivating :)
it's great to see Luke's perspective of Jesus & to see how the book works as a whole.
Liked the audience participation, accents & movements.

Praise God for your helpful telling of the Gospel of Luke. I hope and pray God will bear great fruit through your ministry.

Inspirational, marvelous presentation. Sometimes I could not hear but it didn't matter. Thank you for a wonderful evening.

A gifted storyteller. Enabled me to experience the book of Luke in a personal & emotive way.
Totally enjoyed

Wonderful to hear Luke's Gospel 'told' with such passion & meaning.

Excellent Performance.
Clear presentation of the Gospel.
Look forward to hearing 'Revelation' next time.

Well done, funny, enjoyed the interactive parts and the Scottish Angels.

Fantastic. The dramatic reading really makes you think about the words by stressing different words it increases the impact and makes it more resonant.

Thank you Robert for your clear speaking of Luke's Gospel and actions. God bless you and guide you.

Rob's presentation was outstanding delivered with great commitment. To sustain such a presentation was quite unbelievable.

Thanks Dr Luke, Alias Robert,
love Angels' accent and choice of texts to perform.
Also like simple use of props.
I sensed it was not only in mind bit also in heart.

A very moving spiritual journey. Thank you for your passionate, sincere presentation of a very familiar Gospel. Well done.

Excellent, very talented performer.

Excellent, very talented performer.

Excellent presentation in bringing the Gospel of Luke to life.
Extremely enjoyable. Thank you.

A fantastic performance.
Loved it.

You are a very good speaker about the Bible thing!

A simply marvelous performance
Really inspiring
Thank you Rob

That was exceptional!! Praise God!
I am wondering if you travel to remote parts of Australia to perform that....

Praise God, I enjoyed seeing Luke's Gospel presented.
What a blessing.

More visual aids needed.
A bit exquisite.


Luke - St Luke's Anglican Church - 10:00 am, October 18, 2009

Fantastic presentation and a great message for all.
A little disjointed tho!
Love your Irish accent.

Fantastic! I loved every minute.

Thank you.
I found this powerful.

Very dramatic, but too long.

Luke - Docklands Church - 6:00 pm, October 4, 2009

I thank God for the inspiration for this performance (back in 1998) - for your perseverance to perform in light of your shoulder injury. The performance was and is refreshing. God's Word delivered with gentleness and power.
The Glory is surely God's.

Great performance
Brought the story to life.

Absolutely awesome delivery of Luke.
-loved every minute, every detail and every key message.

Absolutely riveting, it really brought to life the characters and even though the ending was known, the journey was fantastic.

Loved it! Loved the flow & kept the audience engaged through the whole show. Thanks!

Great performance
Really enjoyed and was reminded of all the great & amazing stories in Luke. Thanks.

Excellent, inspiring, emotive!
Thank you and God bless your great work.

Fantastic performance. Very encouraging and engaging. It's great to see more drama put into the performance since we last saw you perform @ Mentone. Love your work.
Keeo glorifying God through your great performance.

A powerful, mesmerising presentation of the Gospel. The truth of God in all its breathtaking simplicity.
Fantastic and awesome.

That was fantastic.
The story of jesus came to life with your performance.

Liked how the story flowed
(it was a bit fast at the start/talking speed).
Enjoyed the mime

Thank you for bringing the scripture to life in such an entertaining way.

Great show.
This brought the Gospel of Luke alive.

That was very good
And I really enjoy the history and love to hear more about Jesus.

Luke - Docklands Church - 10:30 am, October 4, 2009

No comments available for this show.

Luke - Phillip Island Baptist Church - 10:00 am, September 20, 2009

Absolutely brilliant
Keep up the good work.

Just what I needed again. It was brilliant.
Congreatulations and Blessings.

Great! I have heard of times and places where copies of the scripture are scarce. Individuals memorise large portions of scripture and known accordingly.
I reckon Luke sounds better than Esther! :-).
God bless your ministry.

Very powerful and moving.

I ALWAYS try to let people have an opportunity to respond or seek prayer. Thanks.

Great feeling + Spiritual presentation of Luke.
Very emotional.


I enjoyed the presentation and the passion Rob displayed.

Absolutely fantastic.
Keep up the teaching.

Wonderful memory of God's Word.
Very inspiring.
Hope to see you back

Excellent - thank you -
very helpful worship for me.

Well done!

Very enjoyable.

Just fantastic!
True to Scripture!!
May God greatly bless you, Simone & little Hannah in your ministry.
PS Was waiting for the rooster to crow!

Luke - Sunbury Baptist Church - 6:30 pm, September 5, 2009

What a blessing! Such a powerful performance to see and hear what the first 'Christian' would have been convicted by. The oral tradition of retelling.

Great work. Keep it up!

An excellent job. Can't wait until next time!

Thanks for bringing the gospel to life here. Highly entertaining.

Thanks for the presentation. It was excellent & Robert performed brilliantly. It was a great way to present Luke's Gospel.

What an amazing experience!
Thank you!

Great to hear Jesus being lifted up.
God bless you.

Luke - Seventh-Day Adventist Church Hall - Warburton - 7:30 pm, August 29, 2009

You are amazing with your God given talent. I pray that God will continue to use your gifts to share with others for His glory.

Very Good
God bless you

Thank you so much for your amazing ministry and gift to glorify God. May God continue to bless you in all you do.

God shined =)
May he continue to through you always!

Beautifully portrayed.
Came alive -
very good value
Thank you.

Luke - Northmead Uniting Church - 7:30 pm, August 15, 2009

Thank you for a most meaningful & descriptive presentation of the Gospel according to Luke.

Will stay with me.

We thought it was very good & wonderful that you could remember all that from Luke.
Praise the Lord.

Amazing that you could remember so much.
Great actions.
Prop of a milk crate - very clever.

Wonderfully told.

Excellent! It helps me understand the book better and his words come alive!
Look forward to the next show!
Other feedback:
1. The introductory movie is too softly spoken. Found difficult to hear.
2. The angel part was spoken a bit too fast (and a strange accent) to follow

Amazed at the fact that you can memorise so much alone.
Funny, heart-grabbing.
Would make non-Christians think.

Very lively,
Very impressive.
Praise the Lord!

Great - what a memory and I'm inspired to read Luke's Gospel.

Can't wait for the next time!

This show describes the story so well & needs to be continued & spread widely.
It's the whole story, which to me is more meaningful.

Amazing presentation.

Very interesting. Thank you.

Explains very well the atmosphere of the time when it happened!

Wonderful! The only improvement I can think of is: at the abrupt end. Does Luke say that 2 angels appear saying "Why are you standing here gazing up into heaven? Don't you know Jesus will return in the same way you have seen him go". That would make it complete.
--ED: For that verse, you'll have to see our 'Pentecost' storytelling :)

Excellend production.
Speech was clear, varied in tone.
Actions very well planned.
Praise God for your story from Luke.

Excellent and the acting was superb.
Very well presented.

What a gift God has given you to make His Word so real.

Are all angels Scottish?

Well done.
Really brought it to life.
Enjoyed it

Must have given inspiration to everyone in the audience.

Thank you.

Luke - St Barnabas' Anglican Church - 7:40 pm, August 14, 2009

No comments available for this show.

Luke - St. Barnabas Broadway - 7:30 pm, August 7, 2009

Inspirational and very impressive!
Thank you!

Captivating and brought the Bible alive wonderfully.

The energy was awesome.
Very concise.
Thumbs up!

Thanks so much. Great show. You must learn so much memorizing a whole book and thinking so much about the characters.
Thanks again.

Thank you, I really enjoyed that. My initial conversion came through reading the Gospels.

Very engaging!
Kept it interesting through the different characters + involvement with the audience.
Brought the Story to life.
Thanks so much.

I thought the show was presented in a very interesting fashion. I thought the story of Luke was communicated and portrayed brilliantly. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks for a great night!

Thought it was great!
A very powerful way to remember the gospel.
Loved the Irish angels :)

Great. Taught me lots.

Very moving. Jesus words came alive to me through your performance tonight.
God bless you!

It's great to have the gospel opened in this way - thoroughly enjoyable and engaging

It was great. And it's good for those who haven't been Christian yet. It's easy to understand and have a basic idea of the life of Jesus! Thanks

Very good - brought story to life!
- quite moving.
Could you consider amplification or another method of increasing intelligibility (slow down slightly?)?

I really enjoyed the show-
well memorised and great acting and enthusiasm.

Luke - Campus Bible Ministries - UWS Penrith - 1:00 pm, August 6, 2009

Great performance.
Very moving and a pleasure to watch.

Thanks Rob. Great show.
It was a shame that you were constricted by the time. But otherwise it was really good.

Great! Thanks
Loved how you interacted with the audience. =)

Luke - Hume Presbyterian Church - 5:00 pm, July 19, 2009

A brilliant exposition of Luke's Gospel.

Very well presented.
Informative & a passionate recollection.

God bless committed people like you. You are a great example.

Luke - Eastleigh Community Church - 10:00 am, July 19, 2009

Loved the angel dude!
I think that the angels like your impersonation of them! lol

I thought it was very inspiring. Great acting.
It would be great for children.

Very enjoyable, Gospel brought to life.
Thank you.
Keep up the great work you're doing.

Very captivating way of telling the scripture. Very moving also.
I find it hard to comprehend the strength of character and person who Jesus was, but in watching your tale, I was moved to tears for the life he lived for us.
Thank you.

Your presentation is an excellent way to engage people to think about Jesus and his life and his claims to be the saviour of the world.
- Knowing Christ in the present tense is our story.

Wow! Can't believe how much you memorised =)
and was so impressed by the way you brought it to life and made use of the space - it was like you had props in your hand =)

It was great!

Amazing interpretation suited to all ages, churches, schools, I found my 6 year old niece listening intently for the whole performance.
A breath of fresh air in an old story for us all.

I am looking forward to hearing more.

Backyard Bard is always great. You certainly bring the Bible to life.
Amazing talent.

Amazing! Enjoyable.
Well portrayed.
Thank you.

Luke - Wodonga District Baptist Church - 7:30 pm, June 19, 2009

No comments available for this show.

Luke - Melbourne Chinese Baptist Church - 10:00 am, May 24, 2009

Very interesting + entertaining
Loved the accents when the angels spoke as it helps differentiate the characters
Makes the story come alive and we felt like we were there as witnesses.
(Not the same as reading the Bible -
which sometimes does not engage your emotions)

I was really moved listening to the woman weeping at Jesus' feet & the story of the Prodigal Son.
A brilliant narrative.
Would love to hear full story!

As a fellow actor I am very impressed with your performance. You are natural and relaxed on stage reacting to the environment that is happening now!
I have been trying to find how to use my gifts for God and I am inspired by your performance. I got many new revelations of how amazing Jesus is because I finally understood by seeing it in front of me.
Thank you.

I thoroughly enjoyed your portrayal of the Gospel of Luke. I was really taken into the space and scenery and action that you created.
God bless your ministry and your family.

God bless you.
(Any simple version? for non-believers or young people, children ?)

Thank you for a wonderful presentation.

Luke - Tottenham Baptist Church - 6:00 pm, May 23, 2009

I really enjoyed the speech and play.

I really enjoyed it.
God bless you greatly as you continue to speak His Word! =)

-Great to hear the story of Jesus
-Very entertaining and engaging.


Even though I arrived a little late. I though it was fantastic. Great acting.
Not what I was expecting but you didn't let me down.

A great witness.
Excellent portrayal. True storytelling of Luke's testimony from his Gospel.

I would like to say thanks very much for this magnificent night.
God bless you!....

It's amazing not only how you manage to memorize so much but it was presented in a very powerful way. The Word of God becomes alive and keeps you attentive to every word.
God bless you in your ministry.

Luke - All Saints' Anglican Church - Oatley West - 7:30 pm, May 9, 2009

Absolutely wonderful.

So inspiring! Thanks so much.
It was so good to have my heart refreshed through the word of God. He is using you to do great work. God bless.

Great Show!
Great getting audience involved, lots of fun!

Luke - Monash University Student Life - 4:00 pm, April 29, 2009

Great fun & skills
Well done!
I'd definitely see it again!

It was enjoyable and awesome to hear the scripture being interpreted in a new & different way.

Very enjoyable to watch
Something that I could learn something from in terms of interpretation.

Luke - Mt Eliza Anglican - 6:30 pm, April 19, 2009

No comments available for this show.

Luke - St Stephen’s Greythorn - 5:00 pm, April 12, 2009

Much enjoyed.

Fantastic show!
Really enjoyed it.

I liked it. Thank you for telling me about Luke. =)

Very well done -
Many thanks

Enthralling - you had my attention fully all night.
Good wishes for your ministry.

Absolutely brilliant.

I found the story of Jesus as portrayed by Robert very good.
It made Jesus' life more of a reality.

Luke - St Luke's Church - South Melbourne - 7:30 pm, April 11, 2009

It's a good show and a very good talk.

I found the storytelling fabulous. Also very inviting when it comes to Jesus' word. Well done.

Really great. I really enjoyed it. It inspired me.

The performance was great -
I've read Luke a number of times but got a number of new insights from seeing it performed & hearing it all in one go - so thanks!

Thanks, I appreciate this work that you do. It's great to hear the scriptures be read as they are - in a living way.
Many of my friends are interested in reading the Bible & I think your performance would be very accessible to them.
PS. Excellent work on the brochures :)

Great! Thank you -

I loved and enjoyed it.

Robert was awesome!
Great focus, use of body language was spot on. Totally professional. Passion and intensity was great!
Thank you.

I cannot believe you managed all that by yourself mate!
Great work. God Bless!

Glory to God and well done Rob. A very good presentation.
Thanks be to God.
It's a powerful story.

Wonderful, high energy, very stimulating.

Excellent show
Enjoyed it very much and hope you will be able to visit St Luke's again.

Fantastic! I loved the accents & characterisation. Makes the gospels really interesting. Very witty.

Luke - St Barnabas' - 9:00 am, April 11, 2009

Brilliant! Praise God for the things such as these :)

Great use of simple props accents, great characters. Engaging, passionate. I heard Jesus' words in new ways today! Thank you!

Good :)

Amazing - I would love to heard the whole Bible told like this!

The sheer power of the WORD OF GOD in aural form. Thank you!

That was excellent, I really love seeing the passion and energy of somebody that's clearly in love with our Lord.

The show was great!
You really brought the Gospel alive and gave meaning to the amazing words.
Thank you.

It was very good, very humorous. I enjoyed some one telling the story to me and acting out the actions to emphasise the story more.

Thank you so much for coming.
You really revealed both the humor, passion & challenge of Jesus' life.

Absolutely incredible, I am amazed at how you remember it all and portray it with drama, passion & accuracy according to the book.
Thanks so much!!

Thank you for the great performance! =) Remember, if there is a fire, stop, drop & roll!

Good show, well done

Wow! The Bible comes alive
Thanks for coming & sharing the gift of God's word with us!

Really excellent!
(can't think of what else to say)
-> oh wait, more funny accents please! =)

Amazing performance
- faith inspiring.
It is wonderful to see the effort and passion of your faith!

Brilliant & moving!
Thank you for the encouragement...
once again!

Always makes me want to read the Bible more!

Was an interesting way to hear the story of Jesus' life.
Good entertainment and very good value.

Great work!!
Great to see the variety of different character voices!

So good! Keep up the great work. =)

Thank you so much for coming and sharing this amazing story with us!
It blessed all who saw!

Amazing =)

Very exciting, very well said, awesome memory mate!

Amazing. Good to see it visually-

Great performance.
Egaging storytelling.
Excellent way to bring the text to life and allow us to connect with it.

Spectacular! Adored it!
Thank you very much.

Just incredible!! Have no idea how one person can memorise and recite a whole gospel so flawlessly!
It really brings God's word to life and makes it interesting and understandable!

Luke - St Matthews Anglican Church - 10:00 am, April 10, 2009

Excellent theatre but with real meaning also.
I could see this used in schools and small secular theatres.
Thank you,

Great job as always Rob!
Thank you,
I found it quite insightful to watch and hear your dramatic re-telling of Luke's Gospel.
I pray that God will keep giving you strength & creativity as you continue to share the gospel with many.

The story as it meant to be told - thank you! Now comes the hard bit - application!

There were some beautiful moving parts in a well done & riveting story -
a well known story presented in a fantastic way -
Thank you.

Full of passion and energy.
Thank you.

Well done Rob,
It really brings the Gospel to life in a different way.
Perhaps the 2nd half could do better to capture attention through dramatic presence.
God bless.

The show was absolutely amazing!
Some of the words were a bit hard to understand but now I know so much more about the Lord Almighty and I feel so understanding of my sins and it (the show) was very inspiring!

Excellent biblical storytelling
I could see this used in schools and community
Thank you

Your presentation brings the Gospel alive (with humor)
Causes one to rethink what one has read.

Excellent as always Rob,
Could've slowed down with dramatics pauses at the start.

It was truly anointed - you have a powerful gift.

Luke - St Albans Anglican Community Church - 8:00 pm, April 9, 2009

Thank you.
This has so helped me to come away from the distractions, time wasting, lack of attention to God's word, superficial and shallow listening to our Saviour's death and resurrection.
Your narration brought me again close to Jesus in a very special way. - Thank you.
I wanted to jump up and participate and shout Hosanna to Jesus.

Inspiring and challenging presentation.

Thank you so much.

God continue to bless you.

Excellent. Loved the actions.
Especially loved the scottish angel.
Great presentation.
Well done.

An excellent presentation.
I could imagine myself there!
I had tears in my eyes when you told of the thief on the cross.
It was a scripture I read with my stepdad on his deathbed: It is never too late to know Jesus.

Thank you for your meaningful & moving presentation. Your voice and movements brought the story into sharp focus.

Wonderful presentation of the Gospel of Luke - so real - so inspiring -
felt like we were there in all the stories that Jesus told -
Thank you for telling the story as we believe it really was -
Praise God for your insight into Jesus' death & resurrection.

Facinating! Time & place transformed back to that of Jesus' last days. His parables & purpose were really 'made real' & renewed his message - through 'simple'/aptly/cleverly used propse & voice modulation & characterisation.
Great time of year for me to see (1st time) your work. Thank you. You have definitely inspired me back to Luke's gospel/God's Word - as you pointed out to me, every word you said, was from Luke's Gospel - and each so purposeful! Best wishes for your continued work.

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Jogged my memory of what it's all about.

It was great to watch & hear the message. You stuck to the Bible - excellent.
A bit of humor was great & audience interaction also very good. Perhaps just a little long; but only for an old Christian who knew the story well .... :)

Very well told in 2009.
Simplified for beginners.

Great, well done.
Love the Scottish angel.

Great story-telling & even greater singing.

Luke - North Balwyn Baptist - 7:30 pm, April 8, 2009


Amazing! Brought Luke's Gospel alive. Great ministry! Thanks Rob

It was really good. Can't imagine how anyone could be better. Excellent.

Another challenge to read the scriptures.
Well done.

Really good, such a great way to hear the story. Very powerful.

A very powerful, thoughtful and worshipful performance. Thank you.

Fantastic, engaging, informing.

Great work Rob - well told.
Technical point + you may have researched it - But generally to my mind a lily grows to flower at about mid-thigh height.
Small point but it will distract some.

A very thoughtful and delightful time.
Thank you.

Luke - Melbourne University Student Life - 1:00 pm, April 8, 2009

No comments available for this show.

Luke - St Marks Freshwater - 7:00 pm, April 5, 2009

Absolutely fantastic!
Please let me know how I can help via email.

Fantastic -
So easy to listen to - wanted to hear more! (all of it)

You are amazing!!
You truly brought the gospel to life.
May God bless your labours.

Well done, bless it all.

Enjoyed. Thanks.

Luke - St Peters Church Cooks River - 8:30 pm, April 4, 2009

Fantastic! Great to enjoy the whole feel of the gospel in one sitting. Keep loving Jesus and serving His people!

I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Thank you. We hope to see you again soon.

Luke - Plenty Valley Christian College - 9:00 am, April 3, 2009

No comments available for this show.

Luke - Deakin Christian Union - 1:00 pm, April 1, 2009

No comments available for this show.

Luke - Community Church Warragul - 7:00 pm, March 29, 2009

No comments available for this show.

Luke - Millgrove Baptist Church - 8:00 pm, March 27, 2009

Loved it!! Perhaps put the song the audience sings in the programme. It might help.
God bless you!
PS. Great use of the crate.

What an awesome instrument you are for God!
Great, great, great!
Wonderful way to spend Sabbath!

Awe inspiring
Wonderful presentaion
Awesome memory.
We thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

That was special.
God bless.

Flippin' Awesome!

Great use of the crates and chair!

A very moving presentation which made the Gospel come alive.
I will eagerly read Luke ASAP

Absolutely Fantastic.
Who knew angels were scottish?
(or was that Graham Bradbeer's influence)

Thank you - when I read the Easter accounts your show will bring them alive.
God bless your ministry.

Brought us both to tears reflecting on the life of our Lord. We praise God for you & the memory & passion He's given you.

Excellent - thank you!
(love the Scottish Angels by the way!)

Idea for next show: Leviticus
Loved the Gospel of Luke. Thanks.

Well done!
Very moving!

Luke - RMIT Christian Union - City Campus - 1:00 pm, March 24, 2009

No comments available for this show.

Luke - Maranatha Christian School - 9:00 am, March 23, 2009

No comments available for this show.

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