In God's providence, each year Australians have holidays dedicated to remembering the stories of Jesus' birth, death and resurrection. At The Backyard Bard, we are passionately dedicated to taking these original stories to a world that is increasingly unfamilar with them.

We have prepared storytelling performances word-for-word from Christmas passages in the Bible and we invite churches and Christian groups to include us in their Christmas events. The stories are told with passion, enthusiasm and the Backyard Bard's trademark Scottish angels.

It is one of the most powerful and effective ways to proclaim the message of the Gospel during these national holidays.

Hosting Invitation Letter

Christmas - Hosting Invitation Letter

This letter is addressed to leadership of Christian communities who may want to consider hosting a Backyard Bard storyteller to come to your Christmas event. It contains all the details that you need to know to book us in. Please download it and give it to your church leadership team!