Comments from the shows in Melbourne

Loved the accents and different characteristics of the people in the story.
The ending was so exciting."


"This play has really caused me to think about how God (or Yahweh) worked.
I'll surely read more about it in the Bible."


"Great. It makes the story come alive in a new and unique way,
helping you to understand it better."


"Fantastic! Brilliant dramatisation of an exceptional story. Thank you!!
Once again, The Backyard Bard has excelled itself."


"Thank you! So inspiring.
It was a brilliant way to wake us all up to the living Word of God...
as Elijah did himself."

Nicky Chiswell

"Really GOOD!
I am really inspired to read this part of the Bible now!
Well done!"


"Engaging and Enchanting. Well done guys! Definitely a great story told!"


"Great performance guys!! Excellent and I am glad I came to see it.
It evoked many childhood memories of how my Grandad
used to tell me these Bible Stories.
Very powerful. Thanks for reminding us of God's Greatness and Grace!!"


"I was on the edge of my seat.
You made Elijah and every character come alive.
It made me realise how much we miss
when we read in a monotone such dramatic dialogue."

Margaret and John

"Awesome. Captivating. Thank you."


"Fantastic - thank you for the encouragement and reminder of how exciting it is to serve our heavenly father. Awesome."


"Brilliant. I wish my husband studying for theology exams had taken the night off!!!! Thanks."


"Inspiring to tell my youth group and kids church the stories I love with even more voices and enthusiasm!
You guys have been given a really useful and encouraging gift which is pointing to Christ!
Thank you! P.S. Love the Scottish Angel!"


"Fantastic! It will encourage me to read with more emotion and animation. The words came alive. Thank you."


"Another gripping, intelligent, humorous and heartfelt performance (I saw Esther and don't want to miss anymore!).
Thanks VERY much for your inspiring artistic excellence and commitment to sharing enduring truths."