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Elijah USA Tour - Hosting Promo

Aussie Biblical Storyteller brings "Elijah" to the USA

The Backyard Bard is proud to announce that renowned Biblical Storyteller Simon Camilleri will be touring the epic one-man storytelling of "Elijah" in the United States this August/September.

This is the first time that American churches will have the opportunity to experience Simon's dramatic presentation of the life of the prophet Elijah, told directly from Scripture and performed in his passionate, entertaining and uniquely Australian style.

Simon can only travel to a limited number of states and August is just around the corner, so book now to ensure that your congregation doesn’t miss out.

A powerful event for your church.

Hosting a Biblical Storytelling event is a wonderful way for your congregation to engage with a large section of God's Word. Easy to understand, entertaining and very moving, the event serves to give Christians a fresh passion for the Bible as well as providing a non-threatening opportunity for them to invite their friends who may never have heard the Bible presented in this dynamic and powerful way.

Through the Biblical Storytelling ministry of The Backyard Bard, thousands of Australians of all ages have been introduced to God in the powerful way that God reveals himself in his living and active Word. Email Simon today to discuss how you can bring this amazing experience of God's Word to your church:

How to host

Hosting Simon to perform at your church is exceptionally easy. Biblical Storytelling works best with minimal sets and props and so there will be almost no disruption to your venue. Simon is even able to lead the entire night if necessary and Simon will provide you with all promotional material needed for the event (downloadable from this website).

All you need is enthusiasm! Be passionate in prayer and ensure your congregation invites all their friends to hear God’s Word presented in this exciting and engaging way.

It's Free! That's right - There's no charge!

Simon will be travelling under a Business Travel Visa, not a Working Visa. His purpose for this trip is to attend the NOBS Festival Gathering and develop his networks and skills as one of Australia's most entertaining Biblical Storytellers. This means that Simon will not be charging any fee for his performances. All performances will be free! Simon is funding this tour out of his own pocket along with the help of fundraising done prior to the trip, so make Simon's experience of America all the more fruitful by providing him with many places to perform at. Why not partner with another church, school or University in your local area and book Simon in for a few performances in the one town?

Simon is also able to run Biblical Storytelling workshops or give a talk about his love of the stories of the Bible. He is available for "Question and Answer" sessions about Elijah or Biblical Storytelling. He can also give his testimony and share some of his experiences of becoming and living as a follower of Christ in Australia. Once again, there is no charge for these services, so if you are interested, please talk to Simon about some of these options to enhance your opportunities as a host.

The Show

The story of Elijah is taken from 1 Kings 17 - 2 Kings 2 and Simon's presentation will run for about 90 minutes. It contains some of the most remarkable stories in the Bible whilst declaring the powerful message about the reality and sovereignty of God. It is also funny and touching and guaranteed to delight all ages.

As Elijah's story ends, the audience is taken to the Book of Malachi and the prophecy of Elijah’s return. Simon will then finish the show with a powerful storytelling from Mark chapter 1, which shows the fulfilment of that prophecy in John the Baptist, the one like Elijah who points us all to the Messiah – Jesus Christ.


Contact Simon as soon as possible to express your interest and to begin discussing how Simon can bring this incredible story to your community.

"It is a privilege to be able to share God's Word in this way and I am very excited to offer you this production. I am so looking forward to experiencing the fellowship of my brothers and sisters in Christ in America and I hope to hear from you soon."

Yours in Christ,

Simon Camilleri
Creative Director
The Backyard Bard

Please contact Simon for more information:
Mobile: +61425 851 540