Comments from the shows so far!

Elisha-2008 - St John's - 6:30 pm, November 9, 2008

My favourite bit was when the people said 'bald head'. Very good show - a true blessing to all!

Added by James and Jenni

Wonderful presentation. Great reaching of young people. Would love to see presentation/seminar at our church if you're back in Sydney.

Added by Henry

Wow! I was blown away. It is brilliant. I so enjoyed the simplicity of just using the Scripture, using a few chairs and robes. It makes it all about the message. I hope you will return to Sydney soon. I want to see more!

Added by John and Tin

Elisha-2008 - Sylvania Anglican - 8:00 pm, November 8, 2008

I really enjoyed it - Great work! One comment - the comedy angle may be a little out of place - it was serious business!

Added by Patricia

Presented really well. The visual aids help a lot, especially for the different Kings.

Added by Bojan

A bit violent! I wonder how the children might respond. Well done - enjoyable, will read it through again.

Added by Les

Elisha-2008 - St. Barnabas Broadway - 8:00 pm, November 7, 2008

Great. Really engaging and entertaining. Thanks!

Added by Anonymous

Great idea! Enjoyed the obvious hard work you guys have put into the show.

Added by Julianne

Elisha-2008 - Merricks Lodge - 10:00 am, November 4, 2008

That was great!!! I'm now on the mailing list - I want to know more.
Also, do you visit schools?

Added by Sam

Best one I've seen. Makes one want to read 1 Kings. Always thought the Old Testament was boring. Thank you.

Added by Sam

Well done! I really enjoyed it and will re-read Kings.

Added by Rosie

So simple, yet so profound. Very clear and inspiring. Thanks.

Added by Fiona

Great show! Well done. Any way the lighting can be placed so it doesn't get in the audience's eyes?

Added by Alex

Really enjoyed the way you brought all the actors in at the end for just those 2 scenes. It was good to have a bit of both ways.

Added by Sophie

Really enjoyable!! The Old Testament comes to life when it's told... it's original concept I think. Thank you!!

Added by Alison

Elisha-2008 - Full Gospel Assembly - 5:00 pm, October 26, 2008

Fantastic! I really enjoyed the performance. You brought God's Word to life.

Added by Jimmy

Great! Very enjoyable and educational. A good way to teach Bible stories. Please let us know when the next biblical storytelling course is.

Added by Stephanie

Great job! Praise God for great people like you all! You have been a great blessing! God bless you and enrich you all.

Added by JoAnn

Elisha-2008 - St Thomas' Burwood Anglican Church - Wattle Park - 7:30 pm, October 25, 2008

It was good! Thank you. I found the name 'Yahweh' a bit odd. I expected 'Lord'?

Added by Anonymous

Appreciated the combination of serious story and humerous asides. The subtle but effect lead into Jesus at the end was great for outsiders.

Added by Anonymous

Elisha-2008 - St John's Highton (Geelong) - 8:00 pm, October 24, 2008

It was great! For the song at the end by James Brown you could use 'Get up off that Thing' by James Brown as it may even fit better.

Added by Sam

Thanks for a very informative, and enjoyable night. I learnt a great deal and look forward to your next production. Show was fantastic!!

Added by James

Thanks to you all for the way you brought the stories of Elisha to life with good humour (even at your own expenses). May the Lord continue to bless your work as you spread His mighty word.

Added by Jan

Fantastic! loved every bit of it.

Added by Jesse

It was interesting.

Added by Emily

Elisha-2008 - St Hilary's Anglican Church - 8:00 pm, October 22, 2008

I liked the bit where the girl danced and the boy was pretending to be Elisha and when the boy rode the horse.

Added by Anike

This was fantastic - loved the story titles - it was all so well done - Praise God! and Thanks

Added by Anonymous

Really good. Certainly brought Elisha to life and inspired me to read about him.

Added by Stan

Great show! Great way of getting the story across to all people.

Added by Kristen

Elisha-2008 - St. Judes Carlton - 7:30 pm, October 18, 2008

Another fabulous show!! Thanks so much for your thoughtful, energetic, excellent work. Nice to see some new talent with polished acting.

Added by Anonymous

Excellent! Give us more! It was great!

Added by Anonymous

Wonderful as always - I liked the mix of humour and seriousness!

Added by Paul

Fantastic! Very refreshing and inspiring; keep up the good work!

Added by Daniel

Fantastic - Really brought to life the story of Elisha - liked the use of powerpoint/screen to break up the story.

Added by Leona

Thanks heaps - another great show. We love having you here. A tiny suggestion: it would be great to put the first sentence under 'About the Show' in the program on the screen at the beginning - some people might not know and I think it adds to the power of the performance. ie 'The adventures of Elisha comes.... in the Bible...."

Added by Tim

Best thing I've ever seen. Better than any movie or show - sheer entertainment yet more powerful because you know it's real history that changed everything!

Added by Pamela

It's very great! I like it! Keep on it!

Added by Jack

Very enjoyable performance! Acting was well supported by audio-visual aid. Thanks for delivering Bible stories in such a fun and engaging way! God Bless :)

Added by Anonymous

As entertaining as always. Love hearing His Word in such a phenomenal way.

Added by Joanne

Very good! Can't wait for the next one!

Added by Jonathan

Great job!! Very engaging, and made me insprired to go back and read the Bible!

Added by Anonymous

Well done, great show. Really enjoyed the humour, the multi-media and the link to Jesus at the end. Great way to get into the stories of the Old Testament.

Added by Liz

Elisha-2008 - GWAC - Glen Waverley Anglican Church - 7:00 pm, October 12, 2008


Added by Geoff

The show was good; keep up the good work

Added by Anonymous

It's always FANTASTIC. Thank you

Added by Anonymous

Keep it up dudes (and dudettes). That was way cool!

Added by Bethany

Wonderful! Very inspirational -encouragement to read further.

Added by Ayoma

It was so good! I really enjoyed it. Please email me more of your information. I'd like to take other friends of mine to your plays sometime.

Added by Kathy

Excellent presentation bringing to life the Word of God.

Added by Mrs. C.

You put on a great show! Awesome music! You incorporated humour into it well

Added by Emma and Paul

A fantastic presentation. Certainly brings the Bible to life.

Added by Jim

Good work :)

Added by Anonymous

Another BRILLIANT performance. Thank you and God bless you.

Added by Renuka

Truly fantastic! It has really inspired me to continue to follow the Word of God and read His Word. Thank you!!!

Added by Timothy

Great work team! Thanks so much!

Added by Gary

GREAT. Inspires us to read more of God's Word. Also shows nothing is impossible with God.

Added by Ian

Entertaining and educational

Added by Anonymous

Fantastic show! Loved it! Keep up the great work!

Added by Brent

Wonderful presentation and eye-opener to the amazing prophet Elisha - accessible to all ages and to those who have just started and are growing on their faith journey. Thank you.

Added by Philippa

Try to make it a bit more musical. Very good. Excellent.

Added by Fenella

Excellent! Brought the passage to life!

Added by Ken


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Elisha-2008 - All Saints Greensborough - 7:30 pm, October 11, 2008

Great! Always something happening!

Added by Robyn

I read Kings before I came so it meant a great deal to me. Very enjoyable. Thank you very much.

Added by Marion

It was good

Added by Bradman

Fantastic. Well done guys.

Added by Annonymous

It was good! An intermission about 1 hour in may be a good break.

Added by Helen

It was very good!

Added by Stephanie

Very funny when he took my shoe

Added by Cameron

Very funny. I've seen these twice: Elijah and Elisha.

Added by Jasmine

Great show, entertaining.

Added by Marion

Really enjoyed it. Loved the mixture of audio-visual. Thought the framing of different episodes aided concentration. Well done.

Added by Andrew

Just fantastic! Characterisations of the Kings was really good. You must have fun deciding on these!

Added by Rolfe Family

Elisha-2008 - Scots Presbyterian Church - 8:00 pm, October 10, 2008

Loved the chariot chase and when the guy yelped when he was shot by the arrow

Added by Anonymous

Fantastic! Very succinct and well told :)

Added by Daniel and Melissa

Brilliant! Loved the show even more than Elijah! Nice segues with the AV slides. Could possibly use more props.

Added by John

Great work guys. Really brings God's Word alive again. Thanks.

Added by Steve

I thought the presentation was very funny, inspiring and well presented. Good job. I reckon it would be good if you dis the story of Samson - that would be worth seeing.

Added by Benjamin

Loved the facial expressions and dramtisation - sure helps to bring the story to life and help me reflect on God's great faithfulness - thanks so much guys for all your hard work and time :)

Added by Anonymous

Wonderful performance - I laughed, cried and was awed by God's interaction with humankind.

Added by Woody

It was funny and good

Added by Seunghyeok

I thought the play was brilliant and also very, very, very funny. Thank you for the show.

Added by Anonymous

Really very excellent! Loved the limited use of props and costumes - this added rather than took away. I wish I would have seen Elijah - can you let me know if it comes back?

Added by Jonathan Caleb

Very professional yet easy to feel a part of it. Refreshingly simple without distracting props. Fantastic.

Added by Carolyn

It was really great. I learnt a lot this show. I was familiar with some parts of Elisha's story.

Added by Andrew

Good to see the Bible come alive in such a gripping way.

Added by Anonymous

Powerful, clever, humerous, fun - from Jeremy.
Makes the stories come alive - worth seeing lots more - from Margaret.

Added by Margaret and Jeremy

Wonderful to see one of the 'not so well known' stories of the Bible come to life. Thank you.

Added by Karen

Was great! Very encouraging to see you guys making the Bible so exciting and real! Keep up the great work!

Added by Paul

Elisha-2008 - ACCESS ministries - 8:00 pm, October 8, 2008

Very inspiring! A fantastic way to walk through the Scriptures! Very real and accessible and I am inspired by the style of the presentation. Thanks and many blessings!

Added by Gabi

Excellent presentation!! The best and most accurate I've seen! Keep up the good work!

Added by Lois

Brilliant! The stories came to life in a powerful way!

Added by Dalla

Really great! Inspiring to use in a Christian school setting, for devotionals. Thanks for the ideas!! This could help others to understand the gospel eetc. Thanks again!

Added by Janina

What a dramatic presentation - one can hardly believe it was straight from Scripture but I know it was! Absolutely marvellous! Hope to see you again.

Added by Esmae

Absolutely brilliant. Love to see some New Testament stuff.

Added by Barb

Great for an understanding of the life of Elisha - usually only hear one part of his life - good overview

Added by Wilma


Added by Barry

Thank you for an excellent presentation and may God continue to bless your work and ministry

Added by Lloyd

Elisha-2008 - Monash University - Airport Lounge - 8:00 pm, October 7, 2008

I loved it! I'm definitely going to read my Bible now..

Added by Kathryn

It was wonderful - keep it up.

Added by Julie


Added by Fenfen

Excellent! A little hard to see from the back couches. Great job guys! Can't wait to see more. Inspires me to read about Elisha in 2 Kings!

Added by Dharshika

WELL DONE! Your stage play is very encouraging! My kids and I are encouraged to read 1 & 2 Kings.

Added by Godutte, Jason and Derek

Brought back a lot of childhood memories. Loved the simplicity. Motivated to read more.

Added by Huixia

Enjoyable and wonderful way of presenting the word of God. Keep it up.

Added by Ruth

Very entertaining and inspiring to read the Bible!

Added by Anita

Elisha-2008 - Ormond Anglican - Ormond Primary School Gym - 7:00 pm, October 5, 2008

Thoroughly enjoyed the show - it was delivered in a way that made it easy to understand.
The props (e.g. Jackets) help identify who was who (e.g. kings)
Voices were entertaining!!!

Added by Jane

Elisha-2008 - Essendon Baptist Community Church - 6:00 pm, September 28, 2008

I'd move you to the frontyard!
That was great!

Added by Anonymous

A really good show.
Well done!
It's a blessing to hear the word of God.

Added by Colin

I loved Elijah last year + have returned for another dose of scripture.
I was not disappointed.
I will read 2 Kings in a more lively way now.
Thank you.

Added by Anonymous

We'd heard about you & the experience was even better than the reports.

Added by Anonymous

Well done + thank you!

Added by Anne

Gripping and engaging in order for the word to impact and take part of your life.
Perhaps a small intermission so I could capture and reflect on the first part of the act.
Overall wonderful.

Added by Jana

Fantastic; clever use of humour and yet appropriate reverence of God's word.
Liked the clear link to Jesus at the end.
Thank you.

Added by Anonymous

Absolutely Fantastic.
Brought the Scriptures to life.

Added by Rochelle

Great show.
Well done.

Added by Anonymous

I always enjoy the Backyard Bard tell the Bible stories in an entertaining way & I learn as well.
Thank you.

Added by Anonymous

Great show - Good job.
Possibly a bit long though.

Added by Heath & Jess

It was fantastic!!

Added by Ben

Powerful way of sharing God's work for his children.
Be blessed and encouraged. =)

Added by Christine