Comments from the shows so far!


"Brings the images alive (I could see them in my head)" - Anonymous
"Wow. Absolutely mind-blowing." - Jane
"That is the best thing I have ever seen!!!" - Anonymous
"Absolutely Magnificent." - Tom
"Just terrific... sent shivers up my spine." - Anthony
"I no longer fear the book of Revelation." - Daniel
"It was the best for my spiritual journey." - Glenys
"...compelling, exciting and helped clarify my understanding." - Anonymous
"Stunning. Love it. More please." - Pat
"Anyone who says the Bible is boring should come and see you tell it! ... I'm inspired to read Revelation without being so scared!" - Anonymous

All the comments from past shows

Revelation - St Aidan's Hurstville Grove - 6:00 pm, June 24, 2012

No comments available for this show.

Revelation - All Saints Greensborough - 6:00 pm, November 27, 2011

The way it was portrayed was fantastic. The Lord is using this extraordinary ministry to reach those who absorb the visual not just the verbal.

Thank you for sharing your gift!
God is truly using you in a powerful way to speak to our hearts. God bless you mate!

Much like some of your other performances, I feel that a New Testament passage on the screen at the end might help the audience feel how to respond appropriately.
e.g. We are presented as righteous through Jesus.

It's great to hear Scripture delivered with passion. Both inspiring & entertaining. Thanks.

How long did it take to learn it all?!

Very clear.

Very well done.
Thank you.
Why the Scottish accent?

Amazing to be able to recite the Book of Revelations. Enjoyed hearing the words spoken. Keep it up and keep spreading the Word of God. May God continue to bless you with this gift.

Extraordinary! It was so fresh and how the Bible should be heard. A very powerful evening. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much. I don't know how you remember so much.
Very interesting evening.

It was really awesome. I've only personally read a bit of Revelations + tonight helped it to come alive in my head/heart. Thanks heaps.

You made tears come to my eyes - NO MORE PAIN

Revelation - Church of Christ Warragul - 10:00 am, September 11, 2011

No comments available for this show.

Revelation - St Stephens Lugarno - 9:30 am, May 1, 2011

No comments available for this show.

Revelation - Community Church Warragul - 9:00 am, October 10, 2010

Wonderful and true presentation.

Praise the Lord.
You are using the gifts He has given you. Our prayers are with your wife and family. Psalm 100.

Brilliant - amazing memory!

Thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening.
Helps to bring to life the prophesy and truths in Revelation.
May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

Rob, thanks for all your hard work for the Gospel.

We thought it was great! Your talent is amazing and we thank you for sharing God's word in such a clear way.

Great introduction to the future study of Revelation.
Looking forward to having a better understanding of the Book.
Thank you for your commitment to memorize God's word.

Wonderful show, thank you.

Great show!
Well done and the dramatic reading of God's word make it come alive!

An alive and dramatic presentation. Blessed indeed is the one who shards this and those who hear and take heed.

A wonderfully moving presentation of God's word. Thank you for sharing your gifts in this way.


Loved the accent.
It was maybe a little quick (the accent bit)

Thank you for sharing your gift of storytelling with us.
What an amazing book and what an amazing memory.
God bless and use you for His glory.

Absolutely wonderful, graphic and powerful and a great blessing.
One point:
The Philadelphian church will be saved *from* (not in) the hour of temptation.

Magnificent and inspiring tribute to God's Word. Thank you Rob!
Perhaps slightly long, some effect was lost in second session (harder to focus)/
Thanks for clarifying a tricky book.

I love this book
We pray for you.
Great to hear you again.

Excellent, both verbally and theatrically.

Thank you Rob and God bless you.

The power of the telling of God's Truth brings a reality and urgency +
+ the reminder that we a fighting from victory. Thank you sooo much.
Be eternally blessed.

Such a God given talent.
Have to know if you ever do "John in Exile"

Excellent. Really enjoyed it.
Made the book come alive.
Well done.

Quite extraordinary
I feel very blessed and inspired to be here.
May God richly bless your work and you also.

Absolutely brilliant
Thank you for bringing this book to life.

Fantastic Revelation presentation.
Very helpful to travel thru the book in one session like this.

Revelation - Christ Church Hawthorn - 6:00 pm, August 8, 2010

The show really helped bring Revelation to life in a new way for me, without overwhelming or overriding my mind's eye the way a movie would. Great job!

Thanks Rob
Can't believe it.
What a great show.

Awesome! Really appreciated it. Inspired me to go check out Revelation again.

Thank you Robert for an amazing visual presentation of the book of Revelation. It actually helps to personalize it. It was like Jesus was right their staring from His heart-
May you be truly blessed as you speak it out publicly.

Fantastic! Really amazed at this wonderful idea and Rob's talent!
Keep up the good work, Rob. Well done!

Awesome show, really great interpretation and will help it make sense when I read it in the Bible. Thank you & congrats on your special talent. :)

Loved the Scottish accent, just came back from Scotland so appreciated that! Thank you so much for dedicating so much time to the Word of God, and its power came through greatly in you performance. Hearing the whole of Revelations was an encouragement and blessing to me.

Hi Rob, great show!
One thing: the shutting of the door on the dragon may have been a little out of sync with your words. Anyhow, I loved it!

Well done Rob. :)

Incredible - however do you commit so much to memory?

all the drama was quite exhausting

Well done!
Keep up the book work!

Revelation - St Ives Community Church - 10:00 am, July 11, 2010

Many thanks for the enlightening overview of the Book of Revelation - really brought this complex book to life.
-Would love to see the other presentations - e.g. the Gospels.

Loved the visual presentation of the show - helped understand Revelation.

Enjoyed this presentation AND found it really useful to understand a bit more about this Book. Great performance. Well done!

Excellent, good summary and way to understand and remember Revelation! Very good acting and voice presentation. Well done Rob

The word of God was illustrated in a very strong, clear message.
The 'word' was delivered in a way never to be forgotten. Absolutely remarkable.

Fantastic!! I thank God for blessing you with this ability and your willingness to use this talent for Him and share it with us. I look forward to a future opportunity to hear the word proclaimed in this way! This Revelation presentation certainly helped me to gain a much great understanding of this book. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Really awesome way to spend Sunday morning and hear God's Holy word.
Please do more books in God's Holy Bible.
Keep up the Good work.

Fantastic. Thanks for sharing your gifts to bring God's word to us. I attended as a visitor after hearing you would be here and speaking Revelation, that I'm about to study in my small group. Thanks.

I loved it!

A blessing! Thank you!
We hear and see so much of wrong and evil on our TVs - this is the real news everyone needs to hear. THe presentation brought it to luke.
Come, Lord Jesus.

Stupendous performance.
Amazing feat of memory.

Revelation - Holy Trinity Anglican Church - 9:30 am, June 27, 2010

There is no negative criticism. We both thought it was excellent. May God bless and use you in your unique ministry.

A very interesting introduction to the book of Revelations.
An amazing memory.

Fantastic Rob, it really brought the Word to life.
What you do is such a blessing to us that hear you.

Brilliant and amazing, how you can explain the word of God.

Absolutely brilliant
Loved it.

I loved your presentation. It was from the Bible not your own interpretation.
I loved it, it was truly God's word.

Dramatic, vibrant, lively - what a way to experience God's word.

Brilliant performance
Enlightening and heart felt.
Thank you.

Very good presentation and helps to make sense of the book because of the pacing and the 'visuals'. Scottish voice may not be necessary - a change to the listening ear.

Absolutely riveting and alive (the word).

Enthusiastic, very good diction, clear diction 99.9%. Genuine appeal (God's peace + grace) to audience.

Thank you for bringing John's Revelation alive!

Wonderful, gifted presentation, truly representational of the scriptures.
Yours is a gift from God.

Brilliant is all I can say.
Great work, accents brilliant.
God bless.

I have read and studied Revelation for 60 years, but your presentation brought it to life!

Thank you so much for such an exiting reading of the Word! You brought a "difficult" story to life. God bless your ministry + may you continue to be blessed as you bless others.

Amazing. What better way of helping our understanding - especially Revelations.

I very much enjoyed hearing all of Revelation in one sitting. I think Rob did a magnificent job. I could never be able to remember word for word all that. Well done. Maybe some people will read this book more often.

Really great - great to hear it all together.
Only one thing I wish was different - I thought if all the measurements were in something I could understand, I could have visualised even more, like not using 'stadia' but metres or km's or something.
But it really challenged me and helped me and scared me (which was good) and convicting.
Thank you Rob!

Thank you so much!
What a brilliant performance. I really enjoyed the book of Revelation being brought to life in such an engaging way. Fantastic!

Revelation - Panania Anglican Church - 10:00 am, June 6, 2010

Wow! Revelation is so much more real for me now. I see the broad sweep of God's sovereignty. Thank you for creating and speaking the words for us to hear.

A wonderful interpretation of Revelations.

Thoroughly enjoyed the show.
Especially "Scottish" Angel.

Excellent show.
- Amazing monologue.
Thank you for coming!

Thank you for your presentation today - don this way certainly brought Revelation to life and I understood this amazing book more fully. God bless you and your ministry.

Very good, looking forward to reading Revelations and hopefully understanding it and not being so concerned by what I read.

Thank you for all your effort to learn the book of Revelation so that you could bring the message of the triumph of Jesus and the saints to us so clearly and powerfully.

It was great and it really encouraged me to read the Book again.

Wonderful Encouragement!
Loved the show.
Look forward to "studying" this book in detail for the future. Keep up your work of depicting this amazing book.

The show is powerful. What a memory! Loved the Scottish accent of the angel.

Excellent presentation - maybe the burden could be shared by a couple more actors - the light and shade was well maintained but is a big ask of one man :)

The visual actions are very memorable to me so helps me greatly in remembering verses and reinforces how great our God is.

Excellent way to look @ the book of Revelation, thank you Rob for your energy.
Great way to introduce the Book of Revelation before it is preached in the upcoming sermons.

Engrossing. It helps to hear the whole book together at one time. Your presentation held my attention completely. Thought provoking and compelling.

Really refreshing to see Revelation enacted.
God bless in your ministry

A vivid and engaging storytelling or Revelation that I found really helpful in getting a clearer picture of Jesus' great victory. Thank you. :)

Awesome presentation. Greatly encouraged to re-read this book of Revelation with a deeper understanding. Many thanks, God bless.

Excellent presentation.
Made Revelations come to life.

- Fantastic storytelling
=> Clarified much of what is in Revelation by clear story telling.

What a great presentation.
Keep at it.
Bless you.

Thank you so much -
It was awesome.
The Book of Revelation has become more alive.

Thank you for bringing the book of Revelation to life. You have inspired me to read it again and reminded me again that Jesus is already victorious. What a great way to start the week.

Enjoyed the show. Very well done.

I have been a Christian for many years but have never had the Book of Revelation come alive before.
May God bless your work and thanks.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was a new and really captivating way to hear the Bible.
Thank you.

Good for Christians, but I wonder about the impact on others, particularly those with no knowledge of the Bible.

Amazing performance!
Held my attention.
Challenge getting my mind back into it after the interval. But that was my issue not the presentation.

It's awesome. :D

Any possibility of illustrations on a screen behind you?

Excellent. Amazing talent and gift. Encouraging. Thank you.

A sheet with a summary with room for questions/comments to be made during the presentation would be good.

Good job - thanks so much, it was great to hear it from memory and such a creative way. Keep going. Do you do a 'kids' version? which could be used at Sunday school/SRE etc.

A great performance - thank you.
You helped to open up a book that I have found very hard to read and understand.

Thank you so much for "reading" Revelation. It was great to hear it in one go. Thanks.

You are amazing to be able to remember it all!!

What a memory. You truly are an inspiration.

What a memory. How impressive. Good to listen to.

Revelation - St Marks Freshwater - 7:00 pm, May 16, 2010

Thanks Rob for a powerful and faithful presentation of the Word of God.

Great show, thank you.
I pray that God continues to speak to people through his word as you present it through your performances.

Thank you - an excellent presentation.

It was amazing God has given you an amazing gift of recall and presentation. May He bless you richly.

It was an excellent presentation. The actions made it very interesting + scary.

Revelation - Drummoyne Presbyterian Church - 7:30 pm, May 14, 2010

I thought it was a really interesting way to tell and relive the story. I found it a lot easier to understand and make sense of. I felt as though I was seeing John actually going through it. I thought from a production point of view you may need a few people to help you tell the story, I got a little lost at times. Great concept :)

Awesome job! Very well performed & presented. Keep up the good work.

I thought the show was truly inspiring and glad we came down to see it. Thank you. I love the 'uniqueness' of your gift! I loved Ruth too!

An amazing presentation + a great blessing. Thank you and God bless you.

Loved the use of the screen for the introduction. Incredible! Absolutely amazing memory! Somethings you spoke a little too fast and I didn't catch every word. Do you understand the prophecy yourself? Just curious. I loved it. Thank you.

Amazing, amazing, amazing! Thank you for sacrificing your time for us to hear the Word of GOD told in such an ALIVE way. Thank you!!

Really enjoyed it. Found it helped to bring the book to life so well. Engaging + challenging + encouraging.

Absolutely fantastic!
You have been blessed with a wonderful gift and I am so thankful that you have decided to share it with us. May God continue to work through ou as you share His great message.

This was a powerful performance - as if you were the one who was what you were telling us. Thank you.

Thank you for the encouragement from the word of God. It has been so helpful to hear to book of Revelations as it is one we do not hear very often. Though confronting it cuts to the very heart of our faith in Jesus. You have a kickass memory! Your delivery is clear yet creative.

The show is fantastic. I enjoy listening to it more than reading even though I read a lot. May God continue to bless your ministry and use you to bless others. Thank you so much.

Thank you and God bless you for your work. Thank you for using your gift for his kingdom. May he bring amazing things to pass when people hear his Words.

Thank you and God bless you for your work. Thank you for using your gift for his kingdom. May he bring amazing things to pass when people hear his Words.

Thank you and God bless you for your work. Thank you for using your gift for his kingdom. May he bring amazing things to pass when people hear his Words.

Thank you for sharing your gift of memory through this book :)

Your amazing ability to memorise blows me away. God has certainly enabled you. May God continue to bless and use you to be an amazing blessing to men and give glory to Him.

Revelation - Essendon District Presbyterian Church - 7:30 pm, March 25, 2010

Thank you for the wonderful presentation. Great to hear the book expounded and the overall picture and final triumph of God + the Lamb through the Spirit.

The entire performance was very engaging, entertaining and informative. It really allowed for the words to be imagined and for all the events to be seen vividly due to the great acting. Very enjoyable! Great job!

The love for God's Word was blazing from your eyes, it was marvelous!

Good job!

A wonderful performance which brought Revelation to life. It was "happening" before my eyes and made clear many of the phrases/verses which puzzled me in the past. Grateful thanks.

That was spellbinding ~
you made the words "live".

Fantastic show.
Very encouraging and a strength of the faith. Jesus is Lord. Amen.

Well done! You achieved the visualisation of the text which brought it to life.
Much appreciated.

Revelation - St Matthews Anglican Church - 5:00 pm, March 21, 2010

Thanks so much for your amazing presentation of the Book of Revelations. May God bless you and the Bards for your skill and commitment in delivering the word of God in such a an entertaining and captivating way.

Great show & wonderful to hear it all in one go. I know the bits up to the woman giving birth but much poorer knowledge of the rest so good to hear it. Well done!

A revelation! Really brought John's experience to life + helpful to make the prophecy more than just words.

It's given me a better understanding of the Book of Revelation.

Thanks Rod, that was great. We did a whole Bible study series on Revelation + I still feel like I learnt heaps from your presentation.

Enjoyed it very much.
Helped me get an overall picture of the book.

Thank you so much Rob. Your telling was wonderful and lively. The story really came to life for me. I have read Rev a few times but tonight great new things came to me. Thank you.

Fantastic. I would understand the Bible more if each book was acted out on stage.
Take it Global!

Thanks Rob
It was great. Enjoyed it very much.

Fantastic! Brought it alive.
Great work dealing with issues like the microphone etc.
Didn't miss a beat.

Amazing to hear it presented in one go & not take a month to read by myself.

Thank you ever so muchly for Revelation. Hoping in the Lord it will open the eyes of understanding for many.

Revelation - Gosford Presbyterian Church - 7:30 pm, February 6, 2010

Thank you Rob for your riveting presentation. It was passionate, compelling, correct and transforming to listen. I really responded to the theatricality, the energy and the truthfulness that came from you.


Very good. Memory unreal.

WOW!! That was great. I lead this in a Bible study a few years ago + you brought it to life for me. Thank you.

Wow! Praise God for the gift He has given you.
The actions & varying sounds really helped to keep my attention. Thank you for sharing with us!

Excellent. Well done.
A great encouragement.

Thank you for my visit to John's dream. Very Good.
May God bless you in His work.

Rob, that was just totally amazing and extremely encouraging. You brought the whole book to life.
Well done.

The emphasis & actions utilised by Rob in telling Revelation made it easier to visualise and understand (to a degree) what John was saying.

Would like to see more.
God bless your ministry :)

Very understandable.
Thank you

Incredible! Thank you so much - Brought it to life - Thank you and continue the great work you are doing for our precious Saviour.

I was thrilled to see Revelation recited and performed so amazingly. You have made a real spiritual impact on my life. I've read Revelation almost every year for the past 15 or more years so it has made a tremendous impression - linking together passages and "scenes" I knew, but not as a whole as you presented.
Thank you and God bless.

A very enjoyable night.

Really helpful, thank you. Good to listen and receive God's Word which is so alive. Inspiring, definitely keen to keep in touch with what is happening.

Thanks so much. Great to hear + see!

Simply amazing. You are mightily used for the Lord

I wish our church Bible reading was like that. It was amazing how it was memorised so well. That's true talent. May God continue to bless your amazing ministry. I jumped many times. The people behind me were laughing. But it was very well performed. Thank you

Wow!! Thank you for coming and presenting to us!!! I loved it, and have wanted to see Revelation taught & presented for years!

Great! Much easier to understand the imagery and see it follow on. Many thanks! Looking forward to the studies in coming weeks.

Fantastic. Thank you!

Excellent + amazing.
What a gift! God bless you. I really enjoyed it + found it helpful in contextualising Revelation.

We were blessed tonight by your knowledge and love for the Word. Thank you for sharing your God given gift with us. God bless.

What a great gift the Holy Spirit has given you to extend the Kingdom. God bless your ministry.

Thank you so much. That was brilliant. Very moving - the power of God's Word presented this way was/is awesome. The simplicity of your set + props just enhances the richness of the Words of God. Thank you for your hard work. I look forward to seeing you perform again one day.

Absolutely Fabulous! Best thing I've ever seen. My favourite thing is performing monologues and my favourite book is Revelation. You combined the two marvelously.

Revelation - Docklands Church - 6:00 pm, January 31, 2010

Thank you for bringing the word of God to life!

Thank you.

Truly captivating.
Excellent performance. Aye!

That was great. I really portrays what a scary thing God's judgement is!

Revelation - Docklands Church - 10:30 am, January 31, 2010

Awesome. I would love to see it with professional lighting in a theatre.

Phenomenal - an incredibly effective way to present the Bible. Well done!

Amazing work!

Great work!
You mush have a fantastic memory!!

Amazing. Thank you.
I don't know how you remember it all!

Amazing. Never seen a Bible story being told this way!

Revelation - Phillip Island Baptist Church - 7:00 pm, January 17, 2010

No comments available for this show.

Revelation - Christ Church Gladesville - 6:30 pm, October 25, 2009

Wow. Absolutely mind-blowing.
Thank you so much for doing what you do!

Really made Revelation come alive
Very impressive
Very helpful!!

Thank you.
Amazing evening of Revelation

That is the best thing I have ever seen!!!

Awesome show.

Absolutely Magnificent.
Thank you Robert, God has gifted you and you have blessed me and us greatly.

Totally enlightening!
Keep up the great work.

Totally enlightening!
Keep up the great work.

Awesome, What a gift from God to have such ability to help people so clearly understand the Word of God. Thanks!

Brought the text alive.
Amazing what you pick up when it's done so engagingly and all at once. Brilliant!
Keep it up for the Kingdom.

Came to life.

Amazing! Very helpful too!

Enjoyed the show.

That was amazing! Thank you so much!

Just terrific. Thanks!
The throne room scene in ch 4-5 sent shivers up my spine.

Thanks muchly!
As a Bible College student who wants inspiration about how to present difficult passages...
very helpful!

Very good. Great to hear a whole book in one sitting.

Top Job
Very helpful
I no longer fear the book of Revelation

Brought Revelation to life for me.

Helped me understand Revelation in a way I have never before.

Fabulous how dramatic & poignant it was and how you kept doing the same action for repeated things and went to the same place on the stage when referring back to people/images.
Made it really easy to visualise.
The Scot was fabulous. Really helpful too!!
Great theological interpretation of Revelation.
Thanks for helping us to see God's fair justice and his glory.

Very inspirational and stimulating.
Opened the Book up to me in a fresh way.


Well presented
incredible memory
Looking forward to learning more from Revelation

Pretty impressive
very helpful & encouraging.
very gifted

Can't wait to get into the studies.

Overwhelming and very enlightening
Even though it is still hard to understand it all, so much was made a lot clearer.

Thank you for all your work in presenting such a dramatic presentation. You really bring the book to life. May God bless you in this ministry.

Thanks for the reading
- really encouraging & helped bring the Bible to life!
Would love to see you do Chronicles! :-)

What I learned:
* John used imagery from the 10 plagues of Egypt (water-blood, locusts?)
* The book reads like a dream - each image not necessarily following on from the previous
* Those whose name isn't written in the book of life suffered the same fate as the Beast, False-Prophet & Dragon! That was a surprise!

Thank-you firstly for God's grace to this young man & the gift he has been given. He has made the book very real and may it also enthuse us all into seeing what God wants from us: Repentance + worship

Absolutely Fantastic.
Suddenly very relevant.

Revelation - St Thomas' Moonee Ponds - 5:00 pm, October 18, 2009

It was the best for my spiritual journey.

Really enjoyed the show! Keep up the good work!

Surely God has blessed us all! You are blessed for you speak the words of Revelation aloud; we are blessed for we hear the words of the book tonight. All that's left is to consider the words of this book with our hearts. Thanks it is life-changing.

Awesome show! Praise be to God! We praise God for the great figt He's given you in sharing His Word with us. We now have a new and refreshed longing of our Lord Jesus when He returns!

Good action.

Thank you very much for giving us your interpretation of the Book of Revelation. You made it so much easier for me to understand especially as I have a vision impairment and can't therefore access the Bible like everyone else.

Excellent. Another great show from the Backyard Bard. Well done Rob.
You are truly blessed.

Amazing to remember the whole book of Revelation to start with! A great accomplishment to make all those visuals come alive on your own. I never pictured a Scottish angel before but it will stay with me now. What a terrific ministry! Thank you!

Fantastic show.
Brought the meaning of Revelation more to me.

Excellent - You made it so clear and helped give a fuller understanding of this book. God bless you.

Well done.
You portrayed a very long and involved message.

Revelation - Monash Christian Union Clayton - 6:30 pm, October 13, 2009

I thought it was quite powerful and impacting, especially the part about names being written in the Lamb;s book of life. I liked the DVD and the Scottish accent also - they were good touches.

Very good performance. Thank you for your work and effort.

Great! Very well illustrated! helpful to picture well. Will definitely make it easier to read and understand now.

I love it! Reading Revelations is difficult but I understood most of it tonight and it took on a 'new' revelation for me! Many thanks!

I find it amazing how you can remember you lines. You clear up some perceptions about Revelations.

I loved the multimedia part at the start and it was so compelling!
Don't wear out your voice!

Loved it! While I've read the book of Revelation before and heart various interpretations it didn't make a lot of sense to me. Rob's presentation of god's word was compelling, exciting and helped clarify my understanding. Thank you for for the hard work and faithfulness in presenting GOd's word in an easily accessible way. Much appreciated.

Amazing! A great, vivid, entertaining and logical portrayal of Revelation.

That was fantastic Rob! You really sparked my imagination as you told the passage. By the way, I didn't realise the left/right mixed up until you pointed it out.

Thank you so much Rob for performing for us. What a God given gift you have! I found it so interesting, informative and truly amazing. May God continue to Bless and Guide you as you continue your great work.

Great! Live the DVD component with the Scotsman etc.
I always enjoy Rob's delivery - it's very powerful and engaging. It was a bit full on even with the interval but I think it's meant to be that way. God is holy and faithful. Yay!

Thanks, it was great! =)
Very impressed that you could perform it backwards so well. =)

That was amazing!
It's so great to hear the book of Revelation in one sitting from beginning to end. A fabulous performance =)

Great to heart it from beginning to end. Picked up things I'd never noticed before (e.g. 'the one who overcomes I will give...' at the opening and close). Thanks Rob.

Amazing Rob!
Once more inspired to get into more biblical storytelling myself... once I actually made it to the seminar! Suspect it might need to be when you get back. God bless your ministry.

Thanks heaps Rob for bringing to life this powerful word of God. Through the use of the props & stage were really effective. I also liked how you involved the auduence and talked to them as the 7 churches. Great job!

Thank you for presenting the Book in one sitting. It has put the picture in perspective on how God's Love will prevail in the presence of Satan's apparent reign & that those who stay true to His Word will be rewarded. Great job.

Thank you Rob for the commitment of doing the whole book. As it should be heard.

Awesome as ever to the Glory of God! =)
Don't forget to slow down when in the Scottish accent - for the benefit of the ESL-ers
(I could see people smiling & enthralled in the audience)

Revelation - St John’s Southgate - 7:00 pm, October 11, 2009

Wow! Such an inspiring way to use gifts of acting & public speaking to share God's Word!
I have seen 2 other Backyard Bard presentations and I love them!


Fantastic to hear the book in its entirety.
Thank you.

Wow. Nice. Perhaps keep simple for the new people.

Engaging, eye-opening and spiritually enriching.
What a great gift to share with others!

Revelation - Dandenong Baptist Church - 10:00 am, October 11, 2009

It is awesome, it will help people to seek God and follow God's Words!
They should have more programmes like this in the future.

Rob, Thank You for sharing your gifts with us!

Praise and Glory to God indeed!
Excellent work Rob. God bless.

Amazing & marvelous to see you remember the whole book. You have a special gift and you are a real blessing. God bless you and your ministry

Thanks so much.
Powerful presentation of God's Word
Will remember it for a long time to come.

What an awesome gift!
I wass blessed watching you tell the story from the Book of Revelation.

Awesome! How you can remember 22 chapters verse by verse I don't know.
It was a very good presentation with just few props! I also saw you at the Wycliffe Celebration and that too was awesome.

Stay true to his word and he will bless your ministry.

Amazing way of telling Revelation.
Excellent tale telling.

My stepfather told me that he know someone who could quote the whole of Psalm 119. I thought that was an incredible thing. What you did this morning far overshadows this. It was awesome.

Revelation - St Stephen’s Greythorn - 5:00 pm, October 10, 2009

Great! You should do it at Fed square over Easter.

Love it.
More please.

Really enjoyable!
Highly accessible -
well done

The reading brings out the severity of the 'Son of Man' on the churches. He is not afraid to condemn & threaten. This is alien to our 'tolerant' church!

Brilliant, loved it.
Can't wait to see it again.

Revelation - GWAC - Glen Waverley Anglican Church - 6:30 pm, October 7, 2009

Anyone who says the Bible is boring should come and see you tell it!
Fantastic job Rob, I'm inspired to read Revelation without being so scared!

Awesome! It's great to hear the book read with its dramatical intent.
A really valuable ministry to a world that has last the art of story telling.

Great way to storytell & illustrate complex book like Revelation. Well done!

Very good. I've never read fully Revelations. Good performance. Well done Rob. Keep it up. I could follow it.

I enjoyed the show. The angel's accent and humour was funny. The descriptions of the different events with acting helped. Thank you.

Tremendously recited.
God has blessed you with a wonderful memory & gift for sharing the Gospel -
The very best is wished for your continued broadcast. Keep on punching the globe.

Rob, Thank you for your performance.
The Irish angel voice kept the story amusing. Your interaction with the audience encaptures us all. God has certainly blessed you with this gift. Thank you.

Just remarkable
How inspirational!

Revelation - St. Judes Carlton - 7:30 pm, September 29, 2009

Absolutely fantastic

Thanks: Brings the images alive (I could see them in my head)

Thank you so much for contributing to my understanding of this wonderful book.

Wonderful performance
making real the coming of Jesus, his judgement and the Kingdom of God.
Keep up the ministry.
God bless you.

Wonderful to hear & visualise & know again that God Almighty is victorious & Satan totally smashed!
Bless you muchly.

Fantastic show.
As powerful as the original, which is truly an achievement.
Keep Faithful, brother Rob.

Revelation - Templestowe Baptist Church - 10:00 am, September 27, 2009

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Revelation - St. Judes Carlton - 7:30 pm, September 26, 2009

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