Revelation 1:3

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Hosting Invitation Letter

This letter is addressed to leadership of Christian communities who may want to consider hosting this storytelling. It contains all the details that you need to know to book us in. Please download it and give it to your church leadership team!

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Hosting Checklist Letter

This checklist is addressed to groups that have booked to host a 'Revelation' storytelling. It contains all the details that you need to know to make the event run smoothly.

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The Performance

The Book of Revelation is without doubt the most controversial book in the Bible. Some regard it as the ravings of a lunatic, others dissect it for insight into the modern geopolitical world but most simply ignore it as out of their reach. Yet, amid the strange beasts and confusing numbers, few parts of the Bible convey the glory and ultimate victory of God as vividly and powerfully as Revelation.

This new storytelling performance comes word-for-word from the entire book of Revelation. It is performed solely by Robert Turnbull in The Backyard Bard's style of Biblical Storytelling. It spans 90 minutes in two halves.

Storytelling is an ideal medium to communicate this riveting book, which was originally intended to be read aloud. Its grand themes are unmistakable as the graphic visions of the book unfold. Not only will the audience have entered into a greater understanding of Revelation, they will come away with a far deeper and larger understanding of God.

Suggestions for Use

There are a great variety of ways that this storytelling could be used at your community.

Here are some suggestions to spark your creativity:

Please contact us to discuss ways to incorporate it in your calendar this year.

What we provide

In our experience, your people will find it easy to invite friends and family to a theatre performance (especially with the natural curiosity about this particularly notorious subject!). We seek to make that invitation as effective as possible by providing you with compelling promotional material to encourage people to come and hear the Gospel through this storytelling.

We provide the following at very low cost:

You can preview promotional material for this storytelling on our promo page.

How to host

Backyard Bard storytellings are an extremely simple way to host a quality event at minimal cost. We can charge $12 for tickets, in which case there is no cost for you as the host. Alternatively, you can pay for the performance outright for $440. Discounts may be available in appropriate situations.

Please contact us immediately to express interest and
we can discuss together how you can host this arresting production.