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The first step in the process of Biblical Storytelling is to make the text easy to read. In preparing a storytelling, we also print out the passage on a sheet of paper so that we can mark it and so on and so we can read it in a format which makes it easy to rehearse from.

Here are a few key steps in typesetting a passage for Biblical Storytelling preparation:

  • make new line breaks at natural points (usually punctuation points),
  • indent in lines of the same sentence so your eyes don't have to scan too far from the end of the previous line,
  • give yourself plenty of space in the margins to make notes
  • have the text in a clear large font
  • if the passage must go on more than one page - have the page breaks at natural points between paragraphs.

To aid people in typesetting like this, we have built into this page a typesetting algorithm that gets you some part of the way in this. The script is a bit simplistic and you need to continue formatting it yourself afterwards, but give it a go and see how it works.

The Bible text is taken from Bible Gateway.

Typeset New Passage

Keep verse numbers: True False

Put Yahweh in for God's name instead of LORD: True False

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