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Here are links to groups or businesses that have greatly helped The Backyard Bard.
Please check them out and support their work.

The Bible Society
They provide Bibles in all translations and styles to anyone and everyone who needs them.
Wycliffe Bible Translators
They are an international organisation that is dedicated to translating the Bible into every living language in the world. They also seek to serve communities in using the Bible after the translations are finished - including using storytelling!
Christian Artists Factory
An incredibly supportive network for all types of Christian artists.
Candlelight Productions
Another Christian theatre group doing great work.
A fantastic group which seeks to evangelise, grow, train and send university students throughout the country.
A cutting edge schools ministry
The Network of Biblical Storytellers
A group with heaps of resources to help you storytell God's Word.
Pamela Joy
A singer/songwriter that we work together with.

Image credits

Liany Cavalaro - Photographer for our Esther image.

Leroy Skalstad - Photographer for our ELIJAH image.

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