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Presentations Available

15 - 90 minutes
The Sermon Slot (+more)

We are constantly building our repertoire of Storytelling Presentations. These could be an extended section from the Bible (Mission Of Paul 3 from Acts) or even an entire book of the Bible (e.g. Ruth) They could be quite short (e.g. Pentecost) or take up the whole time allowed for an event (e.g. Luke or Revelation). They are terrific for the beginning or end of a sermon series on the same material to bring together everything in one go or you may just wish to have a change from the usual program. Graphics, movie clips and more have been prepared for these to help you get the most out of hosting the presentation and encourage people to invite friends. Some short presentations, like Jonah have short talks available as part of the presentation if that works best.

Christmas and Easter

We will usually be taking a story around to different groups and churches around Christmas and Easter to give people a chance to hear and see the incredible original stories of Jesus life that are celebrated by the each year. Make sure that you book us in early for your event around that time.

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