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As a Christian Ministry, The Backyard Bard relies on the partnership and support of the local Christian community.
We see prayer and financial support as partnership because it is making a real contribution to bringing the stories of the Bible to the people of our country.

One way of being in partnership with The Backyard Bard is by being a 'Backyard Bard Benefactor'.

You can be part of a team of people who give financially for specific needs throughout the year. These needs could be:

  • for equipment for The Backyard Bard to continue our ministry
  • to subsidise churches which cannot pay for the cost of storytelling performances
  • to subsidise people who cannot pay for training courses

You will occasionally receive an email with a list of things for you to consider contributing towards.
If there is something on that list that you would like to give money to, then you have the opportunity to make your donation.

Join Benefactors
You can subsribe to the 'Benefactor' email list by clicking here (first you need to log in).

Alternatively you could email info@thebackyardbard.com with "Benefactor" in the subject line to subscribe to this email list.

You can even stay up to date RSS or Atom feeds.

Latest Benefactors Email

Equipment for audio recordings

Robert Turnbull

G'day Backyard Bard supporters,

Hope you're all going well. I've been doing many 'Luke' storytellings around Melbourne and Sydney. There are many things to thank God for and I'll be putting out a new prayer letter in the next few weeks.

One of my main goals is to make an audio recording of the 'Luke' storytelling. We've heard many stories of people who have benefited greatly from our audio recordings, such as parents playing the audio CDs in the car with kids many times over, and even one man listening to a recording of Christmas with his dying father. I'm confident that many people will be blessed by hearing the storytelling of Luke's Gospel. I'm also going to make recordings of all the other storytelling presentations I'm involved in (i.e. Ruth, Jonah, Samuel, Mission of Paul 3, Pentecost).

To do this, I need a significant amount of audio gear. So here is a list of the equipment that I will use (some of which I have bought and some I still need to buy). If you wish to contribute to the cost of any of these please either let me know, or donate through the methods specified on the page here: http://www.thebackyardbard.com/SupportUs.php

Rode NT1-A - Studio Microphone - $345
Presonus Audio Box USB - Interface between computer and microphone - $245
Konig & Meyer Microphone stand - $60
Konig & Meyer 23956 Microphone Pop Shield - $45
Audio cables - $20
Sennheiser EH150 Headphones - $49
Apple Logic Studio - Audio recording software - $550
One-to-one training with sound engineer - $129 (available week-by-week for all of 2009! - bargain!)

I'm guessing that many of you will have benefited from audio recordings of the Bible before - please pray that these recordings will be a great way for many people to hear afresh God's Word.



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