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Parallel Easter Storytellings & The Importance of Being Earnest!

Robert Turnbull

Hey everyone,

Because of the high demand for our 'Easter according to John' storytelling, we have decided that both Simon Camilleri and I will doing the same storytelling for Easter so we can cover twice as many events.

So, if you are interested in having one of us come to your Easter event (at your church or school or university) please get a hold of us quickly so you can book us straight away.

Also, please check out our webpage for the storytelling here:


There you will be able to download our advertising and desktop wallpaper and you can view our tailer (you should also be able to see our advertising at the right of this email - you may need to click 'Show Images').

Finally, one of our friends and long-time supporters one of The Backyard Bard is directing 'The Importance of being Earnest'. They are looking for people to be part of the project - please have a look at the bottom of the email for more details.

0422 544 511

The Importance of Being Earnest


Candlelight Productions seeks strong actors (4 female and 5 male) to star in
a new, inventive staging of Oscar Wilde’s classic, The Importance of Being

Actors will need to be committed and versatile, possess good vocal
projection and articulation, and comedic abilities. Professionalism,
humility and a sense of fun will come in handy for this show. British
accents are essential.

Rehearsals will begin in earnest in April for an August season. This is an
unpaid production.

Roles available:

A sophisticated and upright bachelor in his late 20s/early 30s, leading a
double-life as his own fictional brother Earnest. Serious and slightly
uptight, good friends with Algernon, in love with Gwendolen and legal
guardian of Cecily.

A frivolous bachelor in his mid-20s, with a more-than-healthy disdain for
social etiquette. In love with Cecily and also posing as Jack’s brother
Earnest. Nephew to Lady Bracknell and cousin to Gwendolen. Strong piano
ability essential.

A prim and proper woman in her mid 20s with an ability to take trivial
things very seriously, holding the highest regards for social standing.
Deeply in love with Jack; Lady Bracknell’s daughter.

‘Exceptionally pretty and only just eighteen’. In love with Jack’s fictional
brother Earnest, which is not the only fantasy she entertains. Given to day
dreaming, she is sweet, innocent and idealistic.

Cecily’s slightly aged and ever-so-slightly air-headed tutor. Very proper
and moralistic, yet not so secretly in love with Dr Chasuble.

The local rector, in his fifties, with an uncanonical attraction to Miss
Prism. Always has wise words to offer.

The mature (in her fifties) matriarch of the Bracknell family who makes it
her business to know everyone else’s business. Obnoxiously superior in all
matters of social standing and etiquette, not least her daughter’s love

Algernon and Jack’s butlers; could be any age from mid-thirties upward.

GRIBSBY (small bit part)
The middle aged lawyer charged with the job of collecting Earnest’s debts.

Audition date:            Saturday 17th March 2007
Time:                        By appointment

For more info or to book a time, please email your CV and a headshot to
info@candlelightproductions.com.au or call Matt on 0418 140 326.

If you’re interested, but can’t make the date, let us know and we’ll see
what we can do (although we can't guarantee anything). If you’d like to be
informed about future productions or booking tickets, drop us a line or
leave your details on the website: www.candlelightproductions.com.au

We are casting Australia-wide. Please pass these details onto anyone else
who might be interested. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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