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Christmas - Rediscover the original story

Robert Turnbull

G'day everyone,

Each year Australians have holidays dedicated to remembering the story of Jesus' birth. We at the Backyard Bard are passionately dedicated to taking this fantastic original story to our community that is increasingly unfamilar with it.

We have prepared storytelling performances word-for-word from Christmas passages in the Bible and we invite churches and Christian groups to include us in their Christmas events. The stories are told with passion, enthusiasm and of course with the Backyard Bard's trademark Scottish angels.

It is one of the most powerful and effective ways to proclaim the message of the Gospel during this national holiday.

Here is a letter addressed to leadership of Christian communities who may want to consider hosting a Backyard Bard storyteller to come to a Christmas event. It contains all the details that you need to know to book us in. Please download it and give it to your church leadership team!


Audio Christmas Cards

As another way of sharing the original stories is to give away our Audio Christmas Cards to your friends and family. Each card comes with an Audio CD with the vocal talent of Backyard Bard storytellers performing the Christmas story from Isaiah 9, Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2. There are six different designs. You can choose how many you want of a particular style and we will send them to you. They cost $6.50 each or $5.50 if you are ordering 5 or more (not including postage).

Check out the designs here:



If you would like to place an order, please send me an email including your postage address as well as the number of each of the styles you wish to buy.

If you have already ordered some over the last few weeks, you can expect them to arrive sometime next week.



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