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Philippians performance

Simon Camilleri




As some of you know, this year, The Backyard Bard is taking on the challenge of learning some of Paul's epistles.

Rob Turnbull has learnt 2 Timothy and if you haven't seen it already, I recommend you check it out on YouTube. CLICK HERE




Simon Camilleri has also taken up the challenge and has recently learnt the wonderful Book of Philippians.

Full of powerful and memorable verses like, "To live is Christ, to die is gain" and "I can do all things through him who gives me strength", Paul's letter to the Philippians is very encouraging and inspirational, tackling themes of life and death, service and suffering, contentment and joy in all circumstances.

Book now to have Simon bring this powerful performance to your own church community.

It goes for 30 minutes and includes a short introduction to the life and times surrounding the letter, making it a perfect addition to a church service or even taking the place of the sermon if appropriate.

For a limited time, Simon will also be offering Philippians at no cost! So this may be your opportunity to introduce biblical storytelling to your church, when otherwise they may have been less willing to pay for a performance.

Most churches have offered to have a freewill offering or a donations box at the back of the church, so that they can support The Backyard Bard, and although this is not necessary, it is appreciated.


Click on the image to download an Invitation Letter for you to forward on to your minister or for you to consider yourself.

And keep your eye on the official website to see where Simon will be performing Philippians next.



Contact Simon asap for more information or to book.

0425 851 540



"I have loved Philippians for many years, but hearing it as a storytelling was like going on a first date and falling in love all over again." - Rod Morris, Senior Minister, St Stephen's Anglican Church

"I thought I knew Philippians but had missed the power of his love and his trust in God. I laughed and cried with Paul as he struggled in his love for God and his people. Thank you for making it live." - Karen Morris

"The Backyard Bard delivers the word of God to us in the way God meant it to be delivered to us: with impacting faithfulness." - Mike Raiter, Principal, Melbourne School of Theology





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