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God's Word out LOUD Workshop + More Revelation Shows + Sydney Dates

Robert Turnbull

G'day everyone,

I hope you had a great time over Christmas and New Year. It sounds like the 'Christmas Storytelling Project' was a great success and we're looking at providing more of that kind of integrated training this year. My wife and I have had a great time over the last couple months in the Middle East where I was able to do storytelling on 3 continents! We're really glad to be back and excited about the year ahead.

God's Word out LOUD Workshops - Melbourne and Sydney

We're excited by the move amongst many churches to do Bible Reading better. A little effort here lifts the whole experience of church and people's engagement with God's Word. We're offering churches to invite us to run workshops and crash courses to help train people in Bible Reading and of course Biblical Storytelling. Please let me know if your church might be interested.

We have two workshop intensives coming up for Public Bible Reading. Both are welcome to everyone.


Saturday 10:00 am, February 27th St Matthews Anglican Church - 157a High Street Prahran
Cost: $12 per person. Finish by 12:15pm
Facebook Event - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=301373321345


Saturday, 2:00 pm, May 15th Epping Church of Christ - 31 Bridge Street Epping, NSW
Cost: $12 per person. Finish by 4:15pm
Facebook Event - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=285505788504

Lots of information about the workshop is here online: http://www.thebackyardbard.com/rob/blog/post.php?postID=310 Check it out!

RevelationMore Revelation Shows - Melbourne and Sydney

If you missed out on seeing 'The Book of Revelation' last year in the Fringe festival, here's what some audience members had to say:

  • "Just terrific... sent shivers up my spine." - Anthony
  • "Wow. Absolutely mind-blowing." - Jane
  • "That is the best thing I have ever seen!!!" - Anonymous
  • "Absolutely Magnificent." - Tom
  • "I no longer fear the book of Revelation." - Daniel
  • "Anyone who says the Bible is boring should come and see you tell it! ... I'm inspired to read Revelation without being so scared!" - Anonymous
  • Almost 100 similar comments here: http://www.thebackyardbard.com/revelation/comments.php

 But don't worry because there are more shows this year. Please contact me if your church would be interesting in hosting the show - also download our Hosting Invitation Letter and pass it on to your leadership team. Here are some shows booked in already:

Sunday, 10:30 am, January 31st City on a Hill (previously Docklands Church) - James Squire Brewhouse, G16/439 Docklands Drv Docklands
Facebook Event - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=243040577464

Sunday, 6:00 pm, January 31st City on a Hill (previously Docklands Church) - James Squire Brewhouse, G16/439 Docklands Drv Docklands
Facebook Event - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=251201112614

Saturday, 7:30 pm, February 6th
Gosford Presbyterian Church 14-16 Young St West Gosford, NSW
Facebook Event - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=277025267430

Friday, 7:30 pm, May 14th
Drummoyne Presbyterian Church, 63 College St Drummoyne, NSW
Facebook Event - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=274665317492

Sydney Dates

I'll be in Sydney on Two weekends coming up and I'm looking for bookings on the Sundays:

Sunday, February 7th
Sunday, May 16th

It could be for a storytelling performance in the sermon slot, Bible Reading slot or even the whole church service slot. Let me know if you'd be interested.

That's it from me - catch you soon.



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