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Comments for ELIJAH - Only 6 more Melbourne Shows!

Robert Turnbull

Hey everyone,

We've just finished putting all the comments for the show up on our websi= te here:

Here is a selection of what people have said:

"Gripping.....The ending was so exciting."
"This play has really caused me to think about how God (or Yahweh) w= orked. I’ll surely read more about it in the Bible."
"It makes the story come alive in a new and unique way, helping you = to understand it better."
"A great interpretation with some hilarious bits"
"Really great – riveting. I have read those scriptures many ti= mes and your performance really made it live."
"Very engaging!! It brought the story to life and made the life of E= lijah seem so real and exciting."
"Brings the stories to life. Excellent".
"Really GOOD! I am really inspired to read this part of the Bible no= w!"
"Great performance guys!! Excellent and I am glad I came to see it. = It evoked many childhood memories of how my Granddad used to tell me thes= e Bible Stories. Very powerful. Thanks for reminding us of God's Greatnes= s and Grace!!"

There are only six more performances of Elijah in Melbourne. Make sure yo= u check out the shows page to find out when you can come along:


See you then,


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