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'Never waste a crisis' MEGA SALE!

Robert Turnbull

G'day everyone,

Hope you're going OK as the financial year draws to a close. We know that everywhere people are doing it tough but we don't want hard financial times to mean people miss out on Biblical Storytelling. That's why we're having a 'Never waste a crisis' Mega Sale.

Mega Discounts Available

  • 25% off for Email List Friends
  • 30% off for Twitter Followers
  • Bonus! Another 25% off for non-Sunday Bookings


  • The booking must be finalised by the end of the financial year.
  • Actual booking date is between now and Sunday, September 13th.
  • Only one booking per person.
  • Email list discount comes when you reply to this email - SO CLICK REPLY NOW!
  • Twitter discounts happen through retweeting this Tweet - SO RETWEET NOW!
  • Email List and Twitter discounts cannot be combined.

For example...

Theo is on the email list. He has the idea for his church to run a Luke storytelling. He replies to this email, downloads the Luke hosting invitation letter and gives it to his church leadership. He then negotiates a date with Rob and books in a Saturday night as a special church event. He gets both the Email List discount and the non-Sunday booking discount making the cost: $380 x 25% off x 25% off = $213.75

Naomi wants to have a Ruth storytelling for her Sunday school at church. She has a Twitter account. She begins to follow @RobTurnbull. She retweets Rob's original message and then replies to Rob asking about a Ruth storytelling. She gets the Twitter discount: $220 x 30% off = $154.

Hannah wants 2 stories from the Samuel presentation for her school Christian Education class. She also is on Twitter so she gets the maximum discount (Twitter + non-Sunday discounts): $180 x 30% off x 25% off = $94.50

I hope you get the idea :) - Ask me if you have questions.

Here are the websites for the various storytelling presentations to spark your creativity:

Mission of Paul 3www.thebackyardbard.com/MissionOfPaul3

Or you could even use the discount to request a new storytelling of just about any Bible passage of around a chapter in length.


Training Workshops and Crash Course Discounts - 50% off!

If a church books in a One-day Crash Course or a Workshop between now the end of the month - everyone from that church is eligible for a 50% discount.


  • The booking must be finalised by the end of the financial year.
  • Actual course date is between now and Saturday, September 12th.
  • Bookings cannot be on a Sunday.
  • Only one booking per church.Training
  • To receive the discount, the individual must be on our email list or follow on Twitter.
  • I must be able to advertise the course on the website and email list.

That means that people can come to day long crash courses for $35 x 50% off = $17.50. Two hour crash courses become $12 x 50% off = $6!!

Download the hosting invitation letter for Crash Courses and Workshops on both Biblical Storytelling and Public Bible Reading:

All this means that storytelling and training is now even more affordable for your communities. REMEMBER - REPLY TODAY!

Network of Biblical Storytellers - Midwinter Concert

The Network of Biblical Storytellers Aus. (NBSA) are having concert. Here's the information from the poster:

A feast of songs and stories to transport you “From Darkness into Light”

When?    Sunday 19 July, 2.00 pm
Where?  Keilor East – Airport West Uniting Church, Dinah Parade, Keilor East (Melway 27F1)
Why?      To raise funds for NBSA, the Network of Biblical Storytellers Australia, a group of great storytellers.
Cost?      $10 per head (includes afternoon tea)


  • CrosSings Choir
  • A Choired Taste of Gospel
  • Fawkner Heart and Soul Singers
  • NBSA Storytellers

Contact:  Helen Cameron
9336 2912, 0423 610 112

That's it from me - I hope to hear from many of you in reply to this email to express interest in using your discounts!



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