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The Adventures of Elisha (2008 Production)

Robert Turnbull

G'day everyone,

I hope that those of you who came to Simon's Elijah Bon Voyage night enjoyed yourselves. Simon is currently on his way to Hawaii.
You can follow his trip by downloaded the map here:
or joining the Facebook group:

The Adventures of Elisha

The Adventures of ElishaWe have officially announced our new show - The Adventures of Elisha. It follows directly on from last year's Elijah production. It promises to be even more spectacular than last year's show. The show is taken from 2 Kings 2 - 13 - which is filled with amazing miracles and stories that reveal the reality of who God is.

Check out our website for more information:

Please read our Hosting Invitation Letter. This letter is addressed to church leadership teams to give them information about the show to potentially host it. 

Click here to download the hosting invitation letter.


Thanks to those that signed up to the Benefactors email list. I'm just about to send out the first email to that list now. If you would like to join this email list and hear occasionally about ways you can contribute financially to The Backyard Bard, please click the following link - or send me an email.



Don't forget that Campfire is on tomorrow. We will be going through a mini-workshop on 'Interacting with an Imaginary world'. Simone and I will probably be telling at least part of our new Storytelling Presentation from the Book of Ruth. Hope to see you there!

This Friday Night - August 1, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
North Balwyn Baptist Church
136-140 Doncaster Rd. North Balwyn.


Sydney One-Day Crash Courses

The location and precise date for this is still to be confirmed. I can tell you that it will almost definitely be on an early Saturday in November when we go to Sydney for the Elisha shows. More information to come - stay tuned.

Also for Sydney-Siders - If you are going to ReachOut, look out for The Backyard Bard there!


That's it from me. Catch you soon,



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