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All New 'Campfire' + Pentecost + Crash Courses

Robert Turnbull

G'day everyone,

Lot's of stuff to announce this time!

All New 'Campfire'

Campfire program'Campfire' is a monthly get-together for people to share stories with each other. After much discussion, we have decided to take Campfire to the next level. The format has bee revamped to help you get the most out of it. One of the exciting new developments is that we'll be running a mini-workshop each month! In the months to come we will be running workshops on:

  • Characterisation
  • Creating an imaginary world
  • Interacting with imaginary world
  • and others.

For the next 'Campfire', we will be running a workshop on 'Voice and Projection'.

Next Campfire
This Friday night - May 2nd
7:30pm - 9:30pm
North Balwyn Baptist
136-140 Doncaster Rd., North Balwyn (Facebook Event Page)

Please email me to let me know if you can come.

If you want a suggestion of a story to tell, click here.


PentecostOver the past few weeks I've been preparing a storytelling of 'Pentecost' - Luke's account in Acts 1-2. It's a fantastic section that goes from Jesus' ascension, to the disciples receiving the Spirit then concludes with Peter's breath-taking sermon. I've really enjoyed storytelling it - but there are no more bookings for me to perform it! 

It's quite short (about 10 minutes) and I'm sure that if you wanted to have it as a section at church at Pentecost Sunday in a couple of weeks then it would fit well into your current program and greatly benefit those that hear.

Click here to see the promotional trailer (which I can send you on DVD)

Click here to download the hosting invitation letter.

I'd love a chance to share this story over the next couple of weeks. Please email me back to let me know if you are interested.

Crash Courses

Crash CourseI'm pleased to announce that we are running two One Day Crash Courses. One on Biblical Storytelling and one on Public Bible Reading.

Each day will be filled with fun and practical workshops, for all ages and skill levels.

Biblical Storytelling Crash Course
Saturday - June 28, 10am - 5pm
North Balwyn Baptist (Facebook Event)

Public Bible Reading
Saturday - June 28, 10am - 5pm
North Balwyn Baptist (Facebook Event)

More information about the courses can be found here.

Booking is essential. Please email me back to express your interest.

Postcards and posters are currently being printed for these courses, so please ask me if you would like some promotional material to give out at your church or community.






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