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Celebration Postponed + Esther + Pentecost + Sydney Dates

Robert Turnbull

G'day everyone,

Thanks to everyone who came to our info nights last month to hear about the work we'll be doing in the Middle East. If you are still interested in learning about what Simone and I will be doing, please send me an email and I'll reply with an info pack. Hopefully some of you saw a storytelling over Easter, with Simon Camilleri, our Creative Director, and Kristen May, one of our fantastic new storytellers, both doing performances around Melbourne.

10 Year Celebration Postponed

I'm sad to say that we've had to postpone the celebration night that we were planning on hold on the 12th of May. I'll let you all know the new date in my next email. I'm sorry if you'd already planned to come and put the date in your diary.

Esther Performance Available

Many of you will remember that in 2006, four of our female storytellers performed the book of Esther in the Melbourne Fringe Festival and the show was a great success. Since then, we've had many requests for us to run the show again but it is too difficult to arrange all the storytellers to come back together for isolated reprise performances. But now, I've learned Esther on my own as a solo performance. Of course, it doesn't have some of the magic that was there when we had four women telling the story as an ensemble, but I debuted the storytelling a few weeks ago at Glen Waverley Anglican Church and it was well received so I'm offering it for other churches to book in. Please email me if you are interested. (Dates are limited because we're planning on leaving the country in August).


I will be doing a Pentecost storytelling at St James Old Cathedral on May 27th (i.e. Pentecost Sunday) at 10am. Come along if you are interested, it is a great way to celebrate this landmark day in our history. There is also room for me to do a Pentecost storytelling at an evening service on May 27th if another church is interested (it takes about 10 minutes or so and can therefore be easily slotted into a service).

Sydney Dates

I'm heading to Sydney in late June to do a performance of Revelation at St Aidan's Hurstville Grove (6:00 pm, Sun. Jun. 24th). So, I'm looking for opportunities for storytellings/workshops in Sydney on June 23rd, the morning of Jun 24th and also June 30th and July 1. This will probably be my last visit to Sydney for the next few years, so if you are at a church in Sydney and you'd like to arrange a storytelling, this would be an opportune time. Of course, after I'm gone there will still be other opportunities going into the future because we have great storytellers in Sydney coming through our apprenticeship program, as well as other storytellers in Melbourne who can also come up to visit.


That's it from me. I look forward to seeing some of you at some upcoming performances.






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